How to have great customer service

At Goodie Two Sleeves, this is something we ask ourselves every morning. “How can we have great customer service?” There are a ton of tutorials on this subject, but something we’ve learned over the last fifteen years is this; you have to figure it out for yourself. Here, that means curating a funny and memorable experience rather than a purchase. For you, it is our goal that you remember us fondly, especially if it’s the rare occasion that we’ve made a mistake! For us it is our goal to remember to “draw something on the box.” Now, that isn’t always literal, so let me break it down.

You should note that the things that work for us won’t necessarily work for everyone, but we do our best to make sure there are things you can expect. For starters…

Hundreds of orders came by my desk with drawing requests.

Go the extra mile.

Several years ago we received an order with an unusual request: “Please draw a T-Rex on the box. Maybe even a velociraptor with a puppy. Or maybe the two getting married.” At the time this was fairly rare, but we decided to meet this customer’s request as best we could. We ended up posting about it online and it changed everything for us. 800,000 people saw that one box, and hundreds of drawing requests began to pour in from all over the world.

We had created a unique problem for ourselves. By fulfilling one special request, we now had to decide if we should do the rest. We don’t have anyone whose job it is to draw on orders, we have tons of other work that can’t wait. What should we do?

Well, the answer was simple. Draw something on the box. If someone added a special request to their order, we have an opportunity to change a purchase into an experience. We have a chance to make someone laugh and show kindness all at once. So every artist at Goodie brought requests home and drew in our spare time, as fast as we could, to make these customers happy.

Looking back, we don’t get nearly as many requests today as we used to, but that motto has stayed with us. If we have the ability, we should always try and accommodate the requests of our customers as part of our effort to have great customer service. Every so often however, we are not able to meet those needs, which leads us to our next rule.

Just one of our staff. He's great, no bones about it.

Make it work, people.

The biggest test of one’s customer service occurs when something goes wrong. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we mean it. Not every issue is the same, and many aren’t within our control, but we always strive to leave our customers happier than when they first visited our website. As such, we’re always excited to hear from customers about their order experience, both good and bad. If you enjoyed it, our team lives for that kind of encouragement! If you did not, we would love to know so we can make it better, for you and everyone else in the future!

Since these issues are rare, we handle them on a case by case basis, but rest assured we want you to be happy and to think of us fondly whenever you wear your funny t-shirts from us. (For specifics on how we treat these rarities, feel free to visit our returns page.)

Thankfully, we are really good at avoiding order problems! But what about the 99.9% of you who get everything right? What do we do for you?

A couple examples of the kinds of special offers we extend to our customers.

Give them a piece of yourself.

We always try and include freebies and unique offers in every order. This is another way to have great customer service without breaking the bank. You can add value to something through your creativity.

While our own gifts have changed a lot over the years, we still treat every order with care and add whatever we can. In the past that has ranged from 3/4″ buttons to air fresheners, rubber bracelets, discounts, and more. Currently we’re adding custom stickers to every order. What we’ll be adding next month is up to our team of talented customer service unicorns who try and make the experience great.

In addition to free gifts, we also try and give back to our community of fans with giveaways of cash and prizes. In the past that’s been everything from X-Boxes to free tees and gift cards. Our current promotion is a pre-paid $100 American Express card. Every order is automatically signed up, but as always you don’t even need to buy anything for a chance to win!

In addition to freebies though, we try and make the entire experience a fun one.

Give them something to remember you buy that doesn't break the bank.

Make it special.

Whether shipping a large order overseas, or handing out a button in person, we want to make that interaction memorable. We recognize that getting something in mail is already a special experience. We just want to make it even better. Rather than using regular (and cheaper) bags for orders, we’ve taken the time and added expense to customize ours for orders and events. Unique and funny mailer bags and packaging tape may be a totally unnecessary step, but we hope they add a bit of fun and surprise for those who choose to get Goodie t-shirts!

These bags and packaging are always changing and we try our best to make them special for everyone. They are always part of our mission to have great customer service. But even without these extras in our orders, there is still one rule that rules them all.

Cross your eyes and dot your tees.

It’s all in the details.

Over the last fifteen years, we’ve made it a point to pay attention. While our t-shirts may be soft, when it comes to our orders we still go out of our way to ‘handle with care’. Whenever we can we’ll try and surprise our customers with added touches that show a human who cares has taken care of their order. There’s no real method to our madness here. It’s important that we express to you how much it excites us that you love our t-shirts and how much we appreciate your order. It’s that simple.

Ultimately, no, we don’t draw something on every box that comes through our doors (unless you ask for it!). That ethos however is woven into the thread of our being (t-shirt joke). It means so much to us that you care enough to help our business grow, and we simply want to share that joy with you in return. At the end of the day, I think that care is how one can have great customer service.